Day 20 (June 15th): Lunenburg, Oak Island, Hubbards and Peggy’s Cove

Heading north from Port Mouton, direction Halifax. A busy and very enjoyable day.

Lunenburg is one of the must-see tourist-traps of Nova Scotia.

Home to the famous Bluenose 11 clipper.

Then a request stop to Oak Island, home to the biggest treasure hunt in Northern America immortalised by reality TV. We tried to gain access but…they were filming. We were allowed to drive around the carpark as long as we didn’t get out of the car! Sorry Christopher.

Then an impromptu visit to Hubbards to meet extended family. Phil and Ora are the uncle and aunt of Heidi who is the daughter in law of Gary who is the son of my cousin Rene who we are going to see in Winnipeg next month. They kindly offered us a bed and to be our tour guide in the area but we were on a short time frame before departing Halifax, so we made do with a drink and a chat. We learned some interesting details about Newfoundland, which we will elaborate on later. We also heard about the locals input into the Titanic disaster as boats from the area were involved in the rescue and recovery of bodies and some were buried in the local graveyard.

And then a brief stop at Peggy’s Cove, a beautiful bay with a sad memorial to Swissair flight 111 which crashed into the bay killing all aboard.

Nova Scotia, an island of beauty but due to its location, an island with a history of tragedies.