Days 216 – 221 (Jan 3rd – Jan 8th) Brisbane

Leaving Noosa, prompted a short stop at IKEA! Tali needed stuff for her move to Rockhampton. This of course meant a trip to their restaurant for Swedish meatballs.

Then Tali collected her car

Andy was released and returned to our hotel in Brisbane, while Tali and I went on a clothes shopping trip. This could have been fraught, a waste of time, caused a massive falling out (as it has done occasionally in the past), but turned out to be a joy. We found 2 shops that Tali liked and so she ended up with a years worth of mainly linen clothes for both her work and generally. Sorted!

That evening she had booked us a table at The German Club, a bar and restaurant near The famous Gabba, the Brisbane cricket ground. The beer was good (I’m told), and they had Asbach (always a winner with me) but unfortunately a lot of the typical German food was off the menu but we managed with Schnitzel and sausages.

Wednesday was jobs and in the evening, the three of us went to Six The Musical, which is definitely worth seeing anywhere in the world. It is about Henry VIII’s wives, any other info would spoil it.

Thursday was more jobs for Tali, cleaning and finishing packing up her flat and loading her car. I thought we were on holiday? Take out pizza, risotto and salad from a rather posh Italian, finished the day off. We left Tali for her last night in her flat and trudged wearily back to our hotel.

The next day, Andy went to the flat to oversee the “bond clean”, Tali went to collect Sian from the airport, welcome poster in hand as well as a really useful hat. Sian has been a friend since they were teenagers, playing cricket together.
Flat sorted, friend collected, time to move on to holiday mode again.

We had booked a restaurant only to discover they weren’t serving food, so gave that a miss and walked to the South Bank, same idea as London but with more restaurants, open air free cinema and other events but best of all a huge beach complete with numerous swimming pools that has lifeguards until midnight ! What a city.

We also had a quick go on the electric scooters dotted all over the city. Fun but expensive.

The next day after repacking her car, Tali left for a 7 hour journey to Rockhampton (Rocky) which actually took 9 hours.

Sian moved to her hostel to decide what to do next and we went for a walk along the river. As it got hotter and more humid we decided to catch the City Cat which is a ferry that took us down the Brisbane river as far as Northshore Hamilton and then bought us back to South Bank.

Sunday, we left Brisbane for our trip up north……