Days 278 – 284 (March 6th – March 12th) South to Sydney

1385km from Rocky to Sydney and 5 days to do it. Should we take it easy and stay at 4 different places or should we cover the majority of the distance in 3 days and then have a 2 night break near Sydney? If the latter, do we stay on a vineyard (Andy’s preference) or by the sea (Helen’s preference)? Or do we really rack up the miles and extend our trip via the Blue Mountains (Andy’s other preference) or not (Helen’s preference)? Whatever our choices, the fastest route was across country, with few decent places to stop so options were limited. Stop 1 was at Miles, a Queensland town through which many road trains passed.

Our route to Miles took us through the town of Banana, named after a banana-coloured cow

Our second stop was in Warialda, a non-descript town best known, apparently, for the warm and welcoming residents. Finally, after stopping off in Tamworth, famed for it’s music festival

we stopped for 2 nights on the coast, at Terrigal, a lovely place just an hour or so drive from Sydney

Walking back from a restaurant one night we chanced upon a lovely moonshot called a Worm Moon even down under, indicating the 1st full moon in March which heralds spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern. Named due to the earth being warm enough for earthworms to start aerating the soil. Not a problem in Australia one would think!

Before arriving in Sydney to catch our boat back to blighty, hoping that on our return we’d be be able to watch Match of the Day with Gary…